Saturday, January 16, 2010

This Week's Menu 1-17-10

Here's this week's WW menu for my family....feel free to use it for your family!

Sunday: Chicken and Rice Casserole (7 points/serving) with Broiled Broccoli* (0 points)

Monday: Pita Pizzas (6 points) and Fresh Fruit (about 1 point usually)

Tuesday: Whole Wheat Pancakes (3 points for 2 big ones), Turkey Bacon (1 point per slice), and Fresh Fruit (usually 1 point)

Wednesday: Turkey Brats (4 points) with Light Buns (1-2 points depending on brand), Sauerkraut (0 points), CousCous (2 points per 1/2 cup), Steamed (or broiled*) Asparagus

Thursday: Stromboli (5 points) with Chopped Lettuce Salad (2 points for dressing)

Friday: TAKE-OUT!!

Saturday: Lasagna (5.5 points if you use fat free soup, 95% lean beef, skim milk, and light cheese) with Chopped Lettuce Salad (2 points for dressing)

*Here's how I broil my veggies. I do this for either broccoli or asparagus. Spread frozen veggies out on a foil lined cookie sheet. Preheat broiler to HI. Sprinkle veggies with Soy Sauce. Don't go overboard though, because Soy Sauce is full of sodium and does cost points if you use enough of it. Place veggies under broiler for about 10 minutes. You can do more or less time, depending on how you like your veggies. I really enjoy this "toasted" flavor!

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Little Ones

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