Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I know, I know, I haven't been too good about posting. Most have been short and uninspired. I just have so much going on in my life right now that I feel like I am having trouble keeping my head above water. So I prioritize and the blog falls to the bottom.

Congrats Melinda on winning my burp cloth contest! Please select a fabric from the burpcloth bundle slide show. Or if you would rather...I can surprise you. Just shoot me a comment or an email with your wishes.

Next news...Maggie has been weaned. It was a mutual decision. She had dropped all her daytime feeds by about 11 months. I would offer, but she would bite me or push away or cry. So next, I thought the nighttime feed would be the toughie, so I decided to tackle it first. It was easy. We offered her her sippy of milk while we read books. Off to the land of nod she went with little hesitation. We did that for a week and then decided to try the same tactic with the AM feeding. So on Monday morning I went in to get her with a sippy of milk in hand. She was a little hesitant at first but quickly downed her milk. This morning was even smoother. I was worried that I would be emotional or sad, but I think I am okay with this. I have my body back. The best part is, I never was sore or too full. It's like nature was with me and new how to react. It was really an easy process. She nursed for 12 months 1 week and 1 day. I think we were successful.

I am off to go sew. I have a ton of pending orders! Which is wonderful and overwhelming, all in the same.

Monday, September 22, 2008


As I get started writing today...I hear the little peeps of the princess waking up from her nap. She has been in bed since 9am and you would think that I would get something done in the 4 hours I had to myself. NOPE. I took a nap :), I took a shower :), I got caught up on email (I had over 60 messages!) and I generally just took care of me. It was nice.

We finally have power back, I have somewhat restocked the fridge from all of the food I had to toss out and I feel like life might be getting back to normal.

And... yes.... MAGGIE IS ONE YEAR OLD. We had her party yesterday and it was a blast. We really enjoyed it, and she loves all her new toys. I just uploaded the photos if you want to check them out.

Thanks for all of the support in the past week from neighbors, family, and friends. We are so appreciative of you all. With the garage demolition, with Maggie's party prep, and with just general helpfulness. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

and we're back....

We went out of town for the weekend and we returned to this:

From Hurricane Ike 9-14-08

Now you know why I haven't been around much...I have been busy...and we didn't have power from Sunday night until Wednesday morning. Most neighbors still don't have power. My tenants at this house probably won't have power again until early next week. What a storm.

OH....and Maggie turns ONE tomorrow!!!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

No Comment

Listen here...I know you read...I get the reports....I know who some of you are...and for my contest..ONLY 1 COMMENT SO FAR! What are you afraid you might win or something? Click here and comment for Pete's sake! Who's Pete, by the way? You have until midnight EST!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

When professional cakes go hilariously wrong

Trust me .... you will get sucked in ... it's HILARIOUS!!


**Becki- you might want to wait until your lunch hour or you will get nothing done all morning! I haven't at least**

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I really don't know what to say. I am shocked by the loss of a fellow artist, dancer, and lover of the quirky. Such a loss. He was so young. I am saddened greatly by this.

Brian- Thanks for the laughs. Thanks for the genuine interest into me. Thanks for your music. Thanks for your smile. Thanks for your witty insight into the mundane. Thanks for your deep devotion to the arts and the Columbus community. We will miss you. Please keep making music, wherever you are. I will need a copy of your latest work when I get there!

Brian A. Casey

CASEY Brian A. Casey, age 36, Monday, September 8, 2008, at his residence. Graduate of Bishop Watterson High School (1989) and The Ohio State University (1993) with a B.A. in Music. Founding member of Honk, Wail and Moan, a local jazz and swing band. Survived by parents, James and Judith Casey; brother, Michael (Linda) Casey; sister, Susan (Jonathan) Frantz; nieces and nephews, Henry Frantz and Emily, Ryan and Sean Casey. Friends may call Thursday 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. at EGAN-RYAN FUNERAL HOME, 403 E. Broad St. Memorial Mass Friday 11 a.m., at St. Timothy Church, 1088 Thomas Lane. Private interment Resurrection Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to Columbus Music Coop, 2895 Neil Ave., Apt. 390A, Columbus, OH 43202. Visit www.egan-ryan.com for condolences. Sign the online guestbook at www.dispatch.com/obituaries

Please make a donation to the
Columbus Music Co-Op
if you can.

Monday, September 8, 2008


This is my 101st post. That's supposed to be monumental, right? Well, I don't really know what I am supposed to do to celebrate, but how about this....


I will giveaway a burp cloth of your choosing to one of the comments on today's post.
(this is a photo of one of my burpcloth and nursing cover bundles...today's giveaway is only the burpcloth...SORRY!)

You don't need to say anything profound, just give me an insight into a craft you think would be fun to try (baby related), a great link to a baby blog you read, or anything else, baby related that you think needs to be shared. I will randomly pick a winner.

The contest will be open through Friday September 12th!

Comment Away!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Welcome to the world Big Guy!!

Ryan Parker
12:20 p.m.
weighing 9 lbs.
and 21 inches long

Congratulations to Jen and Trevor!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Long Weekends...

Well, the weekend is over and I must hit the ground running. We are having friends over on Saturday to watch the OSU vs OU football game. I still have a ton of stuff to do...so I may be scarce this week. I do think that Skip to My Lou blog posted a really cute craft today...so if you need a crafty fix....head on over!

OH....and in the biggest of news...

Born Monday September 1st at 3:02pm.
She weighed 6 lbs, 15 oz, and is 20 inches long.

Congratulations to Nate, Kelly, and Big Brother Grayson!!!

Little Ones

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