Friday, March 19, 2010


so here it is, 11:30 on a friday night. where am i? at a bar? nope. bowling? nope. snuggled up on the couch playing mario kart drinking some baileys? nope. i am at osu hospital in the cardiac care area, hooked up to a bijillion monitors. that's a fun word. bijillion...bijillion...or is it bajillion...anywhoo. oh yeah, and i have no shift key on the left side of my keyboard, jacob ripped it off this week, and who uses the right key? i think i only use it for ?. boy do i ramble. so here's the story.

when i was 15 i noticed my heart was racing and it was a little worrisome. not bothersome, but worrisome. i had all the necessary tests done and it came back as mitral valve prolapse. my unoxygenated blood flowed into the oxygenated chamber and then because the valve didn't seal properly the oxygenated blood had some back flow into the unoxygenated chamber. the rapid heart beat was the hearts way of correcting the flow. flash forward to 2009, april to be exact.

when the went to discharge me after jacob was born my heart rate was at 190 and my blood pressure was 80/50 and that's really low. they moved me to the cardiac area for monitoring and discovered that my MVP was misdiagnosed in relation to the tachycardia. the MVP is still there, but not causing the tachycardia. the rapid heart beat is due to a condition call supra ventricular tachycardia or SVT. i waited 6 months and then got a second opinion. unfortunately or fortunately the second opinion agreed with the first. a procedure was recommended.

so here i am at osu. i had a heart catheter ablation therapy procedure done this afternoon. i am recovering well, however, i have been in a tachycardia rhythm for about the last 4 plus hours. that means my heart is racing but below 150 bpm. if it goes above 150 bpm then i still have the svt and they didn't fix me and i am looking at another procedure in about 6 or so months. *superbummerface* but they also said this isn't too uncommon. anytime you mess with a ticker it gets pissed off. the heart has to remap the circuitry that it has been using for the past 32 years. i guess it might be a little much to ask it to get its act together in a mere 12 hours. the just administered a beta blocker by iv, hopefully that will bring the rate down. they also just handed me some pain meds and a sleeping pill. some well needed rest will hopefully be here soon.

i would like to say i'm excited to be through the procedure, but i am disappointed that i may not be fixed. i will keep the positive hope though and realize we are still in the early stages. tomorrow is a new day and let's wait to see what it brings.

oh...and on a really great itp seems to be in remission.....*superhappyawesomeface*

nite nite.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


heart surgery scheduled for friday. i'll fill you in on all the details while i'm in the hospital. i'll probably have some time on my hands.........

wish me luck.....

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