Friday, October 31, 2008


So sorry that I have been missing for the past few weeks, but I can't bear to write on here without fear of sharing. Also, it's the only thing on my mind and I don't have anything else I want to share. So....


Yep, I am due April 26th and I am currently about 14 weeks along. Maggie and her little bro or sis will be about 19 months apart, which I think is good timing. We tried on and off for 3 years to get Maggie so, a little surprise was warmly welcomed. I have been sick, but not as sick as I was with Maggie. I just keep plugging along and going a little slower than usual but I am as thrilled as I can be! No we aren't going to find out if it's a boy or girl and no we aren't going to share our possible names. Yep, we are selfish like that!

On another note...Maggie has been sick this week. She woke up from a nap on Wednesday with a fever and was all lethargic. We hung out on the couch until dinner time. When I set her in her high chair, she threw up. And not little baby throw up, but BIG GIRL throw up, with chunks! And from someone suffering from morning sickness, I freaked! Dan came to the rescue and helped clean everything up. She had some bread and water and went off to bed. All day yesterday she seemed okay. This morning she woke up fine. While we were hanging out in the living room this morning she toddled off to her playroom. The playroom is right off the living room, so she sometime plays in there by herself. Shortly after she came out to the living room with a sippy cup of milk. The milk was not from this morning, or yesterday, or the day before. I thought she caught a stomach bug. NOPE...bad mommy moment. I think she just drank spoiled milk. And if you follow this blog at all, then you know how we Stamms attract food poisoning. UGH. Hopefully she didn't consume any of it this morning. We have Halloween plans tonight!

As for Halloween, Maggie will be a lobster. So far, we have tried on her costume twice and both times quickly ended in tears. The costume is SO CUTE. I think if Daddy helps her put it on tonight, it might be better. Daddy can do no wrong currently.

And in relation to the nursing covers...NEW FABRIC!! I found about 10 new fabrics yesterday and I plan on uploading them as soon as I am done with this post. So check 'em out and see if there is anything that tickles your fancy.

LASTLY..PLEASE send pics of your little ones in their costumes! I love HALLOWEEN!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Monday, October 20, 2008

What's for Dinner?

What's Cooking


Cheesy Chicken and Broccoli Bake

Do You have a fabulous recipe that your little one just LOVES? Please share. I am always on the lookout for dinner inspiration!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Maggie Walks!

How fast they grow! I had better get my running shoes ready!
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Monday, October 13, 2008

Oh...what fun...

I have laughed with friends who have experienced it. I have pondered my response to Grab a Tissue or Bare hand? but, I thought "Dan does bathtime, what do I care?" Until last night.

Imagine....Dan and Maggie are in the bathroom, Maggie is splashing away, happily playing with her multiple toys, when she toots, a very long, drawn out toot. Dan chuckles and then she looks up at him with what he calls her "Sorry Daddy" face. Then an only then does he realize that she just pooped in the tub.

During this time, I am off in the bedroom putting sheets on our bed and vacuuming the upstairs. Suddenly, I hear this cry for help, "HEY HONEY, I NEED YOU TO HELP RIGHT NOW!!" I rush in to find Dan standing there holding a dripping, naked Maggie under the arms. I look down and there it is...floating... What did I do you ask? I reached in, grabbed it, chucked it in the toilet, flushed the toilet, dumped the ducky tub, tossed all toys to the sink, rinsed the tub, and wiped her butt of the ClingOns and didn't think twice. All of this in a matter of mere minutes. Dan then tossed her back in the tub to finish the bath and clean her bottom.

I then quickly went and washed my hands.

I think I earned a mommy stripe.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hello old friends

Here it is, the first full week of October. The nighttime temps are in the 40s, the days are somewhere in the high 60s, low 70s. I have pulled out my sweaters. I have donned a sweatshirt or 2 this past week. Maggie now is required to wear shoes and socks outside of the house. The leaves are starting to change. I really do enjoy this time of year. But, best of all...I love my slippers. I bought myself new slippers last fall. They were a replacement of the slippers I had had since my freshman year of ...HIGHSCHOOL... These slippers had been through many years (about 17 years!), many stages (I was 14 when I got 'em) and many addresses (11 to be exact)with me. My faithful friends. They had stains where Dan had dropped an egg on them one morning, they had holes where they were worn thin at the sole, they had a funky smell. All of this I didn't mind, but one day, Dan laid down the law. "Those are a biohazard and they must go" So, into the trash they went, but they were quickly replaced by the exact same ones, but in a new color. I love my slippers. They are my lovey. I put them on today and I felt like I was hugging a long lost friend. Call me weird if you must.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Week in review

Library lap time. It was great. Maggie really enjoyed it. Librarians should not wear skirts if they are going to sit in chairs while everyone else is on the floor.

Lunch with Melissa. I haven't seen her in ages, but I really enjoy her company. She and her son Jack (4.5years and full of energy) had lunch with Maggie and me at Northstar Cafe. YUMMY! Melissa and I had a bacon and mushroom flatbread and Maggie split a chicken and broccoli quesadilla with Jack. We then went to the opening day of the indoor pool that is 1 block from my house. WE HAD FUN!

Ran errands and then hit the pool again. I have a feeling we might be here often.

Maggie took a super duper morning nap and then we headed to the post office to mail out an order, walked to Panera so I could grab a bagel and a cup of coffee (with a gift card! Even better!) and then we went to the grocery store. Maggie decided she only needed one nap. ARGH.

Well so far this has been the most lackluster day. I attempted to got to 2 stores this morning that weren't open yet, and then we toddled around Target looking for deals on fall stuff for Maggie. There weren't any. Then we headed home for nap. She has been asleep for awhile and I am going to have some lunch. Maybe we will go to COSI this afternoon....the options are wide open....

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